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Epson 9880

Is anyone using an Epson 9880 through Nexus?  I was wondering if Nexus was able to drive it at all.  I see that it has a driver for a 9800 but i'm not sure what the deal is with the 9880.  Thanks

Re: Epson 9880

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ok we are driving the Epson 9880 but we have one problem.  When we print a small proof the printhead travels all the way across the printer instead of staying on top of the image area.  This adds a lot of time to the printing process so is there a way to prevent the head from traveling all the way across the printer and stay in the image area? 

Re: Epson 9880

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I'm not driving any proofers with Nexus so this may not be helpful but...what size of spool file is Nexus generating. If it's creating a file the same width as the paper then I think it would do it. If it's just generating a spool file the same size as your image then I'm not sure why it woould do this. Have you talked to support about it?
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