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Datarmerge in the same page

I got a project to print sticker signs at the size of a thumb. I have to lay 50 signs on a A4 page numbering them from A001 to A999. B001-B999, C001-C99, D001-D999 and E001-E999. So I created those signs and prepare them 50 on A4 in Illustrator, then I created csv. file with those 001-999 numbers.

There I got stuck as I only used to make datamerge work with different page. And now how do I make those numbers merge in the same page with those 50 signs each time?

Re: Datarmerge in the same page

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Here's a good video demonstrating how to put multiple records on 1 page in InDesign. You say you're using Illustrator, which confuses me.
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Re: Datarmerge in the same page

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Thanks for the video. Will watch it for sure ;)

PS: I used Illy to layout the design then use that design as master page in Indy


Re: Datarmerge in the same page

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That's great, but is there a cut and stack option?
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