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Re: What font is this?

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We try so hard to find the exact font and a lot of times we can't!
Oh and how many times have you tried to match the font and couldn't
and then they send you the font?  :laugh:

Re: What font is this?

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I don't even try anymore and don't ask either. I either outline it if I can or replace it with Helvetica, Arial, or Times. If it is a script font I'll replace it with whatever I have handy.
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Re: What font is this?

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I try. I will give myself about 10 minutes, then after that, it's like Joe said.
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Re: What font is this?

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Use Chrome and load the FontNinja app.

Go to their website and it lists the font as Georgia.

Re: What font is this?

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Font Squirrel (yes, that's the name) is another site like What The Font. I usually try both. They work in a similar fashion, but sometimes get different results.

I also use a Chinese website which identifies things that MyFont and Font Squirrel can't. 


A word of warning - it looks dodgy so I never click on any link or download a font from that site.
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Re: What font is this?

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I make an effort to find the font, but will not put more then 10 minutes into it. If I cannot tell with whatthefont I just shoot for something similar. If they want exact they will have to supply the font. Never had an issue with this approach.