Author Topic: esko plug ins and cc2014  (Read 971 times)

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esko plug ins and cc2014
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:45:23 AM »

anyone used the esko packedge plug ins with the illy CC2014 software? any issues?

have got to look into this - the studio "manager" hasnt got a fcucking clue about this stuff and the newer software is now being used in the desighn team, and the inevitable "created by a newer version" warning is heading my way, i just know it

kinda pisses me off that our "manager" is so detached from prepress/repro and its always me with any kind of future improvement suggestions etc - even the more experienced operator here really only knows whats in front of him - there seems to be little research by anyone which considering the size of this company now is staggering
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