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Topic: Quite imposing work and turn (Read 832 times) previous topic - next topic

Quite imposing work and turn

does anyone know how to do a work and turn with Quite Imposing plus 4?

I do know you have to shuffle the pages somehow but don't see any help in the guide about work and turn forms.

Re: Quite imposing work and turn

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You would think this would be a common and straightforward thing (work and turn) but I don't see it anywhere in the manual or online. Strange.

Re: Quite imposing work and turn

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Don't make me figure this out on my own folks. haha  :drunk3:

Re: Quite imposing work and turn

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I have a very old version of Qi and only use it for quick digital stuff.
shuffling pages sounds right tho. Do you have Manual layout?

Re: Quite imposing work and turn

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Yes it has manual but we're hoping to avoid that.

I managed to do a 12 pager but had to manually type in the pages in the rules area of the page shuffler window. It was 12 pages, one sheetwork of 8 pages and one work and turn of 4. Seems brutal if you had to do this to say a 40 page book.

Re: Quite imposing work and turn

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By the way it's 95 degrees up here in Canada and feels like 105 with the humidiy.

(Hope I don't steer this thread off topic).