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Topic: Relinking Files (Read 487 times) previous topic - next topic

Relinking Files

Sometimes I have problems relinking files, and I get the layer visibility override message
I have a job where I am relinking files for different versions and it's making me mad!!

Can someone tell me the correct preference to check and layer visibility to check
to just relink normally, I will never use the option to turn off and on layers in indy.

Thanks if you can do this before I get done with lunch that would be great :laugh: kidding kind of

Re: Relinking Files

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Not sure, but I've gotten that too, even when the linked files don't have more than 1 Layer. Stupid Adobe.  :gom:
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Re: Relinking Files

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Yeah, It's random, I think I have my settings the way they are suppose to be.
It was with this one job that had 36 different parts to it. 

Re: Relinking Files

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Don't know how helpful this is but have you checked under Preferences > File Handling? There is an option at the bottom to "Hide New Layers When Updating or Relinking". It seems like the alert you are getting could simply be letting you know that the layers in the file have been changed since the file was originally linked (which is probably why it needs to be updated in the first place). 

There is also an option when linking new files to manage which layers to use under the Import Options in the Place Dialog Window, but that isn't going to help in this instance.  Hmm...  :-\

Re: Relinking Files

Reply #4
I have Hide new layers unchecked is this right?

I think I had it checked not sure now, been going back and forth with that one ::)