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Re: Ethernet Tester Recommendations

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You definitely weren't doing something right.

Our house wiring was that bad. We're seriously lucky that we didn't have any electrical issues. We did end up re-wiring some stuff and the guy that did it commented about some "strange" things he saw with the wiring. The house was originally a 4 bedroom and had two living rooms, but walls were taken down and stuff moved around to make it a three bedroom with a master suite and one ginormous living room. I'm not joking - both the master and the guest bath had wiring in the same area of the wall shared with plumbing, and I know that's a big no-no.
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Re: Ethernet Tester Recommendations

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Yeah but if you put the probes on two wires and it fried the meter and melted the probes you were still doing something wrong. :tongue:

You are lucky you survived. Seriously.
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Re: Ethernet Tester Recommendations

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It isn't the voltage that kills you:

How many volts does it take to kill a human?

Its not the volts that kill you, it's the amps. Dragging your feet across the carpet can generate as much as 25,000 volts. There are companies on the internet who routinely sell 50,000 volt Tesla coils to play with. However, it only takes a current between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) to be lethal.

Yes, it's the amps that does the killing but 110v has this interesting effect of locking all your muscles sticking you to whatever is electrocuting you. Higher voltage tends to blow you off whatever you stupidly touched and you stop getting electrocuted.

So yeah Digi, you're damn lucky. Protip, if you see someone getting electrocuted don't run up and try to pull them off. You'll just have 2 people getting electrocuted. Find something non-conductive like a 2x4 and use that to seprate them from death.
Speed doesn't kill, rapidly becoming stationary is the problem

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