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Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

Hello everyone. My new iMac arrived last week and I got everything moved over from a time machine backup. Everything seems to be working well enough with the migration, however I have a strange issue with the Pitstop 12 tool icons missing. They look like pink lego pieces. I know I can read the names, but I've had to remove the icons off of my toolbar on the top because I can't easily see which tool I'm grabbing. Any ideas how to fix this? I've attached a screenshot of what they look like.


Re: Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

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Upgrade to the latest version of Pitstop is the fix. That was an Acrobat DC issue because Adobe wouldn't tell 3rd party plug-in developers how to not make them look like Legos when DC was first released. They were fixed in Pitstop 2017. Or go back to Acrobat XI.
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Re: Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

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Hmm... What's weird is that it was working correctly on DC on my old iMac running Sierra and Pitstop 12.

I guess a reinstall is all I've got the idea to do. I'll update if that works.

Re: Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

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Is it the Retina Display that is the problem too?
I had that problem before too.

Re: Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

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Yeah it has to do with the retina display.


I failed to search for answers before checking the forum. On the plus side, my co-worker realized his Pitstop subscription could let him download Pitstop 2017. I'm still on 12 since it works. Before we had the subscription on his machine, mine was the only one that had Pitstop at all in our shop.

I'm going to see what the options are to run in low resolution mode for the acrobat app and see if that helps. I'm betting it will look terrible on the retina display but I'd also like to be surprised.

Re: Acrobat DC & Pitstop 12 Tool Icons Missing

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Yeah that's too blurry. I'll just have red legos for now.