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Manually Archive

Our platesetter took a giant dump today, luckily there's a shop nearby doing plates for us & even better (I hope) they have XMF! Trying to get the large press jobs to them already imposed, but I can't seem to find where to Archive live jobs. I see the tab under the View Job Settings, but even is I set the Trigger to After Due Date (which passed) it's not Archiving.

Guess I could give them imposed PDFs and have them RIP from that but I don't trust it.
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Re: Manually Archive

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Bah, I don't think the Archive thing is going to work, even though I still can't get it going. None of our Marks or any other press settings will be compatible with theirs, most likely. Just have to throw 'em imposed PDFs and hope for the best!

p.s. I love how when I told the pressroom mgr that he was going to likely be chasing color since who knows how their shop is calibrated, he's like "Nah, printing's printing!"

A little diddie ‘bout black 'n cyan...two reflective colors doin’ the best they can.

Re: Manually Archive

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It'll probably look better.
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Re: Manually Archive

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It happened when we had another shop burning our plates.

The boss here still thinks printing is printing. It's not.
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