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Cant move objects with mouse!

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I suddenly cant move/drag objects with the mouse. I can resize and select, i can nudge with the keyboard, but no dragging of the objects. The layers arent locked, nor are the objects... any ideas?

Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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nevermind. I deleted preferences and it worked. except i had to delete preferences  >:(

Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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Some people get it working by rebooting. Some have to delete preferences. I saw one where logging out of and back into the creative cloud app fixed it.
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Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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In the future, here's a quick list of fail-safe checks to look at:

1) change the battery
2) plug it back in
3) flip it over and make sure some joker didn't tape a piece of paper over the optics
4) make sure the computer is on
5) make sure you're sitting in front of the right computer
6) make sure it's a mouse and not another object, like a stapler or shoe
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Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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#6 was my next option

Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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shoe works pretty well...

just saying'

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Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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You could also try putting it in the microwave. :ninja:
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Re: Cant move objects with mouse!

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You know, moving objects is a lot more work than resizing a box. Maybe it was the computers way of telling you that you are working too hard. and should just take it easy.

If you were on a Mac using a magic mouse, I'd say you are having issues because the magic's gone  :P

That shoe idea though. Brilliant!  I suspect a boot would be even better though. More weight means more damage when you throw it.