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Topic: artboard tool snaps to stroke (Read 498 times) previous topic - next topic

artboard tool snaps to stroke

Good morning all!

I 'm sure i could use the artboard tool to snap to my selections center line.

Somehow now it snaps to the edge of the stroke, so when i have a rectangle 800*700pt for example with a stroke 20 pt stroke, select it and make the artboard snap to the selection, the artboard turns to 810*710 or 820*720 depending on the stroke alignment .

I just cant find the preference to make it snap to the line - if there is one but i'm pretty sure i've seen it somewhere someday ... -

Any help appreciated! 

Re: artboard tool snaps to stroke

Reply #1
sheesh, I didn't even know about fitting to Artboard, this is going to be helpful.
can you remove the stroke temporarily? I know it adds time.

One thing I do when I need custy's crazy art perfectly centered in the artboard, I create a box
Larger than all their combined art and I position it to the center of what their center is using transform pallet
and then I select all center everything using the transform pallet

I was assuming illustrator, not sure if your in photoshop

Re: artboard tool snaps to stroke

Reply #2
Uncheck in preferences / general / use preview bounds

I had this same issue a while ago, kudos to Pedro for showing me the light.

Re: artboard tool snaps to stroke

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Re: artboard tool snaps to stroke

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still believe you rock but it doesn't work here...
Unless i turn off stroke the artboard gets slightly bigger than the selected object, even with preview bounds not checked ( they weren't on the first place ... )
It's one click more but every click counts.
I don't think it can work the way i want, if the stroke is on it gives a little more space depending on the stroke width.
Maybe for print oriented documents they could fix this as bleed area could take care for the missing stroke .
Then not all designers give bleed, but they could also fix that with a ''export document in prepress mode'' button...


Re: artboard tool snaps to stroke

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bummer, yeah stroke should be measured by the stroke not the ink applied to it