Author Topic: iGen4->iGen5 Problems  (Read 977 times)

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Re: iGen4->iGen5 Problems
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2018, 08:45:30 PM »
Quote from: mc hristel link=msg=301684 date=1532727546

Why don't you just stop trying to print things with type? That will that will solve your problem and you can get on with utilizing all those great features they are going on about!

I did ask one of them if the 5 is positioned for shops that only print images, like photo books without any text? I think the sarcasm came through just fine.

Quote from: Tracy link=msg=301683 date=1532718250

They need to get it working! or Give you a machine that works!

Yeah, we've expressed that same sentiment - only with more shouting & lots of cursing.
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