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Two sided imposing proof

Hi all, first time poster, long time reader :-) We are in need of a two sided Imposition proofer. Is there any alternative to the Impoproof and DJet? Those are just flat out too expensive for our usage. Do they still make Spinjets? If so, can anyone point me to a dealer. I have looked at a few sites, but have not received any correspondence, it's the strangest thing...  If they are now defunct, are there any alternatives to Spinjets? (besides the aforementioned Impoproof and Djet?)
We are open to all suggestions?  Thanks everyone! P.S. I should add we currently have a Epson 9880 but it is fading fast and it is a manual paper flipping process.

Re: Two sided imposing proof

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I'm not sure about other options out there, but can tell you, we were doing the same with a 9900. And then finally broken down and got the ImpoProof. Well worth the money. Should have done it a LONG time ago. We have done a calculation, and the time saved from employee having to flip paper, and the paper savings more than make up for the cost. But we are still within the 1st year of ownership. But overall, it's looking really good. Registration is spot on.

You might want to check with them and see if they have any deals going on. Last years stock and such. Worth a shot.
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Re: Two sided imposing proof

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Thank you, I know you are right, but we just cannot justify it.