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Imposed dieline export from XMF


I know there is a way to do it, but I can't figure out how to export an imposed dieline from XMF.

I need a vector PDF for the vendor doing the die cutting. The XMF job has a dieline in it and it is described as a spot color and it proofs correctly.


Re: Imposed dieline export from XMF

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Our workflow Templates all have an Impo PDF attached to the plate step, I'll usually just create a "Dieline Only" PDF from the native job, impose it & and grab that Impo PDF From the XMF resources Folder. I do the same for Spot UV jobs when we send out full press sheets to a vendor.
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Re: Imposed dieline export from XMF

Reply #2
Yeah just grab a pdf icon and have it attached to your plate icon that has the impo on it.
you can do like slappy said and have a separate file for the dieline, or you will need to remove
all your art except for the dieline after you create your pdf.