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Hi,i want to make some testing with G7 curves on Xeikon press,similar Indigo btw,i did look around on web for different info but i didnt found stuff to put toghether,G7 grey curves wold be a good start,can anyone provide some guidance/infos? thanks. :wink:

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...can anyone provide some guidance/infos? thanks. :wink:

First lesson:

Grammar makes a good impression.
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Sher wood help if tha grammer was better. It wood. :drunk3:

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Sher wood help if tha grammer was better. It wood. :drunk3:
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First lesson:

Grammar makes a good impression.


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 :police:  Youre right,my native language is greek,so yes grammar is an issue :-[

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Anyway.i was hoping for some lab value data sheets of some of the tests available and some walk trough from someone who did this before,like i said ,just testing right now,so not willing to invest something yet,im in Europe so G7 is not first think people ask for here

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Starting with solid densitis for example,with ink sequence YCMK so yellow first on paper,manufacturer Xeikon say on coated paper 1.3 Y   1.4C   1.4M  and 1.8 BK,but lab value translated from G7 charts Come up with 1.1 Y   1.40C  1.50M  1.7 K  and so on... :deadhorse:

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:police:  Youre right,my native language is greek,so yes grammar is an issue :-[

Pay no attention to them. Prepress can be a boring subject. We try lighten the mood here. Acting like a bunch of 12 years does that.

Welcome to the forum.

Here is a link to the downloads section of the site born2print posted earlier in this thread.

IDEAlliance public downloads
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Welcome to the forum danydany! I was able to find this article on Xeikon's site.


There is a link to a video about using color matching at the end of the article. I'm not too sure if it would be similar, but the Xerox press we have at my shop has a built in Calibration Software that will calibrate to a variety of standards, G7 included, using the In-Line-Spectrophotometer or the Eye-One Pro2 the Xerox server box that came with it. If you've calibrated an epson or other large format proofer, the process is pretty similar: print patches, measure patches, check if your average and max dE is in spec for G7 and if it is then you approve your calibration and apply it's created ICC profile to your press.

Hopefully that helps.

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Thanks guys ;) ,calibrated the press, ISO v2  profile ,and for npdc curves just the G7 midtones  on dot gain/tvi tab,no obvious differnce.
Any thoughts? :cane:

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Hopefully you know what the midtone range for G7 should be (which I believe is what you were asking about at the start of this topic). As long as your numbers are within that expected range I wouldn't be worried about seeing no change.

[font=Helvetica, "Helvetica Neue", "Liberation Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Remember G7 is still just a standard for color matching, so the numbers are likely going to be in line with other color standards that are in use. It's not some magic system that makes all your work come out colorful and happy (sadly).  :cry:



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Correct,thats what i was asking about and right again that G7 is probably just another way to skin the cat :-\  ,testing was not the full process,was just on midtones tvi/dotgain where was easy to see any changes