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Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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whoops: I am going for a webinar and use a demo for DesignMerge Pro to check that out.

Typo, bad grammar fixed.

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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Let us know how it goes, don't leave out anything! :laugh:

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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Looked good, next step 15 day demo, if that goes well, convince ownership that the ROI will be worth it.

We'll have to figure out the exact pricing and all that.

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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Sure enough, struggling along with the demo when a real job comes in with 4 variiable paragraphs with nested variables inside one of them.

Apparently we are doing the job.

Spent the last day learning how to make adobe tagged text files, didn't even know they existed.

Too much to learn if the software company cant give us some help. If they can, and the software is good, the deal will be done. Gotta figure it out by Tuesday.

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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And the beat goes on....... :drunk3:

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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Banged out the first job with designmerge, swapping out whole letter changes of 13 different letters with conditional changes.

Worked very well using Adobe tagged text files.

Client sent a new job, thought I would follow the same route with the tagged text but no luck. When there is an email address, the field is put in. with no email address, I setup a tagged text file with: Email____________________ to insert in its place. No luck. Rule being, if email address is empty, insert .txt file for empty email in the rule.

I realize, not many people use Designmerge here, but more than likely the logic is similar for other plugins.

Konica Minolta re badged DesignMerge as EngageIT. Maybe someone is familiar with this?

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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"I'm not addicted to cocaine. I just like the way it smells."
– Richard Pryor

“Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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But we only got the part of variable aspect relating to print.

It can be linked into email, social media etc.

Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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For this type of situation, since I'm not very script knowledgable, I would just go back to the data file, re-sort all of the columns on the e-mail, do a fill/down of the literal  Email____________________. Then re-sort the columns back to the original order.


Re: Xmpie or Fusion Pro

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Hey, thats what I did! Desperate minds think alike!