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XMF waiting for pages

I have a file that everything looks good page prep went good, looks like everything is fine
but it says it's waiting for pages and won't output, I'm just trying to impose a 68 page into a pdf.
I added plates to see if the outputting the pdf was the problem but it's waiting for pages for the plates too.

I think I've seen this before but can't figure out what it is

fyi: I did this same book yesterday at 8.5x11 but today the book is 5.5x8.5 (info not provided yesterday)!!!
I reduced in indy and output a new pdf

Re: XMF waiting for pages

Reply #1
sheesh, I didn't add the blank on 68 in my new indy file
XMF doesn't tell you that, It's always my fault when it doesn't work :laugh:

Re: XMF waiting for pages

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Glad we could help Tracy! :rotf:
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Re: XMF waiting for pages

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Your Welcome!
Waiting for pages? Add a Blank dog gone it!!!!

Re: XMF waiting for pages

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I've Added a Blank page too, but forgot to "activate" it in the impo and took me quite a while to figure out why the hell it wouldn't process!!!  :banghead:

p.s. It really should auto-activate pages added to the Section, why else would I be adding them??
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Re: XMF waiting for pages

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I've done it too but forgot :laugh:

It really should tell you: add a blank dummy!