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Re: Export PDF reverse pages?

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InDesign can export in reverse order though I wouldn't want to do it for a large publication. To do it, specify each page in reverse order, ie...16,15,14,13 etc. It won't let you enter something like 16-1 to do all 16 in reverse order. You have to enter each page individually.

Cool. Damned cool. One to keep in the back pocket.

Re: Export PDF reverse pages?

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The PitStop Pro “Reverse Page Order” standard action list is also one of my faves!

Re: Export PDF reverse pages?

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Getting an error message after I enter the script
Tried typing the bracket after where it is highlighted but that didn't work

this is what you need to put in the script box, all of it in its entirity:

for (var i = this.numPages - 1; i >= 0; i--) this.movePage(i);

Re: Export PDF reverse pages?

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 :banana: It worked!
Thanks Wonderings, I like learning stuff :)