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Re: Preflight for black text

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matt: I dissagree. Iit is not smarter for me. There could be same setting for CMYK values and so on as it is in the action in the preflight settings. There could be a button "make it real black" in the navigator (with the preflight results) that should change the collor as the action and the automatical fix do and one doesnt need any collor menu to fix it. The issue is impure black so your aim is the real black one doesnt need more. For the case I shall need more, there could be the smarter and intelligent way of added action.

Bizarre, but if it doesn't work for you then that's fine. Remap color provides a huge amount of flexibility that the built in logic doesn't have. Too many combinations to account for. Even callas and its logic has limitations where using color mapping is more flexible.  You essentially set a range of CMYK colors and have them mapped to separation black, k of cmyk, device gray, etc. And it does it without havin to step through the preflight results; it's just "done'. Much more simplistic and powerful. Your mileage varies.
Matt Beals

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