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Re: Need a good scanner for Mac High Sierra

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Any PC with a SCSI card has a SCSI utility you can go into at boot up and see all of the SCSI ID's. On the Mac I think Adaptec had a utility for that from the Mac GUI. Thinking either Mac OS 8 or 9.
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Re: Need a good scanner for Mac High Sierra

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Small Computer Systems Interface. I remember a time where apple was bleeding edge and had SCSI onboard. Most PCs needed a card to run a SCSI interface. It was smoking fast for the time if a bit of a pain in the balls to get working.

Ahh when apple was an innovator. Now they are a marketing company.
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Re: Need a good scanner for Mac High Sierra

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Don't forget about Terminators
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Re: Need a good scanner for Mac High Sierra

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About 10 years back we had a need for a really good scanner. Even the Epson V850 pro wouldn't be sufficient for them. So we bought a SCSI drum scanner off ebay for less than $500. Even came with a UMax clone running OS8.5. After some icc and a few touchups oil mounted slides came out looking the bees knees.

Back to the OP though. Have you tried Vuescan?