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Topic: mac rage  (Read 261 times) previous topic - next topic

mac rage

ok, after ten years on pc's i get to work to a mac environment again! :)

 So after a couple of months with the ''excuse'' that i need to refresh my skills on the osx environment i go and get an old macbookpro -  2010 - intel core duo with an ssd and 8gb ram, which unexpectedly runs the suite fine.

I'm all happy now, get a cheapo bluetooth keyboard and a nice delock miniport to HDMI adapter and plug to my EIZO, and test / practice / work there for 3-4 months.

Yesterday i lost connection to the monitor, i think the adapter edge was kind of ''loose''

So i use a second adapter, i regain connection after a restart, then try again the first adapterr and loose connection again for both adapters now  :banghead:

Reset nvram-smc clean system prefs.

Check cables with different laptop, not a cable problem.

Any idea anyone?

- and has anyone managed to use a wacom cte-630 ( blue graphire model ) under High Sierra?

Thanks in advance!

Re: mac rage

Reply #1
Are you sure it isn't the EIZO?
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Re: mac rage

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Like i wrote i checked cables with another laptop so it doesn't seem to be a monitor issue, but now you mention it i 'll give it a try on wife's LG.

Re: mac rage

Reply #3
Adapter? I would look for a 2nd hand mac monitor or something with the right connector.
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Re: mac rage

Reply #4
Adapter? I would look for a 2nd hand mac monitor or something with the right connector.

It was working with an EIZO and a LG till last week.

Connection broke down, tried a second adapter and after a restart came back to normal.

Out of curiosity i tried the first adapter again and now i can't connect it even with the 2nd one...

I won't buy a second hand mac monitor for that reason, after all it might not be the problem, but i'll search for another adapter just to know if this is the problem - hope so -

To be honest i'm afraid it's got to do with battery / charger function, or even worse with the port itself...


Re: mac rage

Reply #5
I ran a setup like that for years, never a problem. That being said it is an 8 year old computer now, hardware can start to go wonky.

I would not go with an Apple monitor, they are expensive, overly expensive in my opinion for what you get. A regular adapter to HDMI will run perfectly, though I would stick with Apple only adapters. Heard some bad things about after market adapters.