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XMF Client Setup


I'm new to this website but have been in pre-press for a 25+ years. I am finding myself in a dilemma and found this forum searching for XMF... I work at a small offset/digital shop and my employer went out and bought a XMF Server 5.5 on the aftermarket. Hands it off to me and wants to use it as a backup to our Trueflow system which is going on 10 years and showing signs of sputtering. I initially reached out to Fuji and they will not offer support, installation, or training to aftermarket purchases unless you buy a whole defunct printshop. Hmmm... I wish someone would've contacted Fuji before the purchase.

I think I can figure out the setups, templates and such since it was originally set up for a CTP Dart 4300E which is what we use for plates.

My first major hurdle is trying to connect a mac client to the XMF Windows 2003 Server. I keep getting an error that client cannot connect and to try turning firewall off. The firewall is off and I'm still getting that error even after restarts.

Can anyone help with this and does anyone know of a freelancer who would be willing to help on setup if needed? For a wage of course. Any help or pointing me in right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Have a good day.
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Re: XMF Client Setup

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I suppose the first question would be is what version of Mac OS X are you trying to connect with it? If I remember right XMF is pretty particular on the version of Mac OS X for the client to connect to specific versions of the server. That version of XMF was released in 2013 so my guess is the version of OS X needed for the client needs to be a version of OS X that was out at about the same time. Hopefully someone that uses XMF can be more specific on what issues might be causing this.
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Re: XMF Client Setup

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I think Joe's on the right track, might involve updating the Windows OS on the server so the Macs can see it, assuming they're on a newer version of OSX also. Here's the rub though: How are you going to update XMF if it needs it? I don't think 5.5 is THAT old, but honestly not sure if you can do an OS update on the server without disrupting the XMF software.

For perspective, it took a good week of onsite training when we moved to XMF, and then another week to get press profiles, templates etc. and all the kinks worked out. Shocking to think, but your Boss probably stepped in a giant pile of it by getting themselves a "deal" without looking at what it'll take to make it all function.

Good luck! Curious to hear how you progress too.
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