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Re: Paper "scam"

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Oh yeah, it's a thing:

When you see a price of $2.99, what your brain really sees is “two, a decimal, and some other numbers,” and looks for a shortcut.

The first shortcut your brain takes is to look for a small, neat number, so you’re going to gravitate toward either two or three.

fascinating source:

Re: Paper "scam"

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We are told that the reason for this in shops at least is so that till workers have to open the till to give you your change, making the sale legal.  Obvious bs.
In the last UK election one of the minor parties proposed the introduction of a 99p coin.  :banana:
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Re: Paper "scam"

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Ever look at a coupon in the Sunday paper (who even gets the paper anymore?)? The fine print says, "Value: 1/20¢." You can use these, and CAN pay with exact change.
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