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Topic: anyone have a 12piece vector puzzle template? (Read 143 times) previous topic - next topic

anyone have a 12piece vector puzzle template?

Have a job we have to outsource for cutting. It will be a giant puzzle with 12 pieces to the puzzle. Size is 96" x 72". I have a puzzle cut line but it is all in one piece. Not sure if the company we are outsourcing to this will be able to do this in one piece. If I have to separate to have individual puzzle pieces it will be a bit of a headache as the lines are all joined. Does anyone have a 12 piece puzzle template die line that fits together but is separate that I could make clipping masks from?

Re: anyone have a 12piece vector puzzle template?

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found a free one on vecteezy, but it was a 16 piece and the strokes were fills!
You may want to ask the die cutter they can do more stuff in the cad program.

Re: anyone have a 12piece vector puzzle template?

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I would think what you have would work best. The cutter will follow the lines and the pieces will separate.
Individual cuts for the pieces will mean the cutter will do the same cut twice.
If it's anything like our Zund, you may have issues with the small pieces flying off after they are cut due to a lack of vacuum holding it to the bed.

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Re: anyone have a 12piece vector puzzle template?

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I did send over what I had to the company that would be printing and cutting it, hopefully they can work with that.

My knowledge on that stuff is very limited and not the strongest Illustrator user (do most things in Indesign).