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Topic: Transparency ISsue with 4color PSD on top of Spot Color Background (Read 568 times) previous topic - next topic

Re: Transparency ISsue with 4color PSD on top of Spot Color Background

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Neither. They're both RGB.  :hello:

And oh yeah...they look fine on my screen.
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Re: Transparency ISsue with 4color PSD on top of Spot Color Background

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You want the PDF Print Engine, do *NOT* flatten the transparencies. The PDF engine will render the transparencies better/correctly at output. There's a reason to not use a Postscript engine, transparency is pretty much the biggest reason.

Spend the money.
Thanks, Matt, oh Guru of PDF. Been a student of yours for some 20 years.
Knowing that transparency is going to give bad results with a PS engine through the Fiery, is it safe to say the workflow of PDF Engine (in the Fiery?), going to the Ricoh PRO C5200 S SHOULD give the end product we're looking for? Does it matter if the file is printed direct from InDesign into the held que of the Command Workstation or are the results better saving as PDF and dropping into the CWS? Or same one as the other?

Keep the Fiery, it's the best you will find, and add the PDF Print Engine. If you are printing though, like Command+P, then the process is flawed from step 1. For the sake of this conversation, "printing" is dead. PDF though, very healthy and thriving.

Print a plain text email, an email. Anything else? Send PDF 1.4 or higher to keep the transparencies. We can talk about the color conversions and output intent later.

Command/Control+P is your mortal enemy. Anyone telling you differently is lying, or uninformed, or selling you something. PDF Print Engine is the way to go.
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