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Re: PrePress/Printing Consultant?

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Hello. I stopped working for an undesirable employer of 12 years last June. I really don't want to make a lateral move to another print shop. I have been in printing doing mostly prepress for 25 years. What are your thoughts on prepress or printing consulting? I tried to do some print brokering, but the competition with online printers is fierce and I am not the best sales person. I was hoping to consult new graphic artists and or office managers that try to do their own printing but get unexpected results from their errors. I haven't found many resources for this kind of project and it's currently just an idea. Does anyone think this could work?


You could consider looking for corporate marketing departments that are hiring....    If they're doing any major advertising - they probably have a team of designers that won't have the necessary skills to send clean files to printers.  I didn't really know this role existed until I got into my current role with a national retailer...  My team is responsible for managing internal proofing, and then packaging approved files to send to our various printers around the country.  ....just a thought, and probably worth looking.  :ninja:
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Re: PrePress/Printing Consultant?

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Yes, we used him and I experienced him... but it was the 90's and they're kinda a blur now.
Here's a pic of us mountaineering though: